Audio/Video/Photography & Communications Ministry


The Audio/Video/Photography & Communications Ministry is responsible for the audio and video taping of every worship service.  They are also responsible for ensuring that the word of God can be heard clearly by everyone. The also take pictures that memorializes our experience and excitement during service.  They work in conjunction with the Praise Team, LWWC Dance Ministry, and special guests.


Ministry Leader: Theodore Dwight Jr.



Children & Youth Ministry


Children’s church is held every Sunday (after praise & Worship) for ages 1 – 12 on the 2nd floor.


Ministry Leader: Minister Dianne Scruggs



Couple’s Fellowship


Couple’s Fellowship is for married couples.  All married couples are invited to participate in this ministry as it provides counseling, activities and support.


Ministry Leader: Pastors James & Emma Spann




Grounds/Maintenance Ministry


The Grounds/Maintenance Ministry is responsible for the overall physical up-keep of the building.


Ministry Leader: Deacon Theodore Dwight Sr.



Hospitality Ministry


The Hospitality Ministry seeks to serve individuals in generously providing care and kindness to whoever is in need.


Ministry Leader: Evangelist Laura Burris



Intercessory Prayer Ministry


The Intercessory Prayer Ministry consists of individuals who are called and committed to a life of prayer. The Intercessors stand in the gap for our Pastors, the vision of the house, the body of Christ and all relevant issues in the community and the world. They pray before service, invoking the glory of the Lord to bring forth signs, wonders and miracles.  Intercessory Prayer is held every Sunday at 9:15am


Ministry Leader: Minister Patricia Hector




LWWC Dance Ministry


The dance ministry is individuals who have a desire to worship thru dance.  They dance every 4th Sunday of the month.


Ministry Leader: Minister Eva Pearce



Men’s Fellowship


Our Men's Fellowship is responsible for building character, promoting maturity, and advocating accountability among the brethren through Biblical principles and practical Godly teachings.


Ministry Leader: Pastor James E. Spann



New Members/New Disciples


This ministry specifically ministers to people who accept salvation at each of the services and provides follow up to these individuals as well.  This ministry is also responsible for embracing our new members and directing them to the appropriate resources and ministries within the church.


Ministry Leaders: Deacon Jonathan Blake & Deaconess Pauline Blake & Sis. Karen Evans



Special Events Ministry


The Special Events Ministry is responsible for all special events in the ministry.


Ministry Leader: LaToya N. Spann



Women’s Fellowship


Our Women's Ministry provides a means of support, positive association and strength, both emotionally and spiritually using Biblical principles and practical Godly teachings.


Ministry Leader: Pastor Emma Spann



Usher & Greeters Ministry


The Ushers & Greeters Ministry is devoted to making members and visitors alike feel welcome as they enter the sanctuary.  They also serve the congregation prior to, during and after church services. They are responsible for maintaining an orderly flow during each service


Ministry Leader: Minister Annis Agard