In October 1994, after much prayer, fasting, and seeking God, Living Water Worship Center Was Birthed into the earth.  God founded the church in heaven and used Pastor James E. Spann to establish and carry out the work here in the earth.   The vision God imparted in him was Revival, Restoration, and Reconciliation in the Body of Christ. 


Pastor James and his wife Emma called a gathering of the saints of God.  God summoned exactly 12 people to be at that gathering and Living Water Worship Center was birthed.   The first meeting was held at The Clinton Manor on Route 22 in Union NJ.  The church official members were Pastor James, his wife Emma, their son Quincy, and their daughter LaToya, who was away in college.  God tested Pastor James for eight months when the church showed no growth.  He continued preaching to his wife and Son and the few that passed through.  He pressed on and preached to them and the chairs and never questioned God. 


God spoke to Pastor James and sent him to Plainfield, NJ.  Things began to move.  He secured a place at The Mansion in Fanwood, New Jersey.  Soon after, we moved the ministry to the YMCA in Plainfield, NJ.  The YMCA is right in the heart of the city directly across from City Hall.   God who is faithful continued to add to the church and in December 1998, a building of 7200 square feet was purchased at 400 Franklin Place in Plainfield NJ.  The renovation was completed in April 2003, for a new sanctuary where the church is now.  The house of God is waiting for you whom God has called to this great work.